Marjolein belaying her 5-year-old boy at a crag near Hutton Roof in the UK.


Sports shapes us physically and mentally, as much as being green and making sustainable choices is a way of life. That’s why when you connect with a new audience, you need someone in your crowd who understands your target market and the industry you’re so committed to.

As a sports fanatic and sustainability geek, I’m here to guide, support and champion you at every step of your sports or sustainability journey.

I give your sports brand or sustainable enterprise a multilingual voice with ethical communication services that promote collaboration, ethical business and a greener world for all.

Institute of Translation and Interpreting award winner badge for 2023.


Marjolein at the bottom of the crag at Hutton Roof with her two children in 2023.

Hi, I’m Marjolein (pronounced Mar-yo-lane) and I’m an award-winning translator, editor, copywriter and Carbon Literacy trainer.

It’s great to have you in my small corner of the globe! The first thing you need to know about me is that sustainability is really important to me. I want our environment to stay the way it is today (as a minimum!), rather than getting any warmer and changing irrevocably.

That’s why with my business, I try to do my bit to be sustainable, green, and ethical too.


I work with ethical sports and sustainability companies around the world. My job is to make sure they’re getting their message across in the most efficient way possible. I help them spread their word, translate their purpose and create impact reports, press releases, website content and social media posts. 

My clients range from large global sports brands, to local sustainable enterprises and charities.

All the content and communications I create for the sports and sustainability industries are in English. I translate from Dutch, German and Russian into English. I also have a brilliant team I collaborate with for other language combinations, too.

Marjolein's Whyte Charing Cross bike leans against a fence next to a narrow lane heading into the distance, in the last rays of summer sunshine.

I’ve taken part in the Big Windermere Survey since it began in 2022.


Well, communications for sustainability because I want to be able to look my children in the eye when they grow up and tell them that I did my bit to preserve our environment. I want to be on the right side of history. Plus, I’m terrified about our planet’s future and the loss of biodiversity we’re already seeing. Anyone else find it hard to concentrate when their brain goes down the rabbit hole that is our current future if we don’t change how we live?!

And sports communications? I’m a fanatic swimmer (both in the pool and in open water), runner, cyclist, climber… well, you get the picture! Recently, I’ve become far more involved in sports and sustainability organisations in my local area, such as becoming editor for the BMC (British Mountaineering Council) Lakes Area newsletter and co-host of our local People, Planet, Pint event in Kendal. I’m loving having an impact much closer to home.


I continually come across poor sports and sustainability communications, such as abysmal translations of product descriptions. These are often created by people who clearly have little hands-on experience of what they’re talking about. This isn’t what you need when talking about something as important as the climate emergency, or the role sports have on our health. It’s time to rectify that! With The Native Crowd, I hope to elevate your sports and sustainability communications with precision and authenticity – because every word you write matters, and ethical communication is the key to winning over global audiences.

The beginning of the micro woodland planting Marjolein took part in in 2024. There is a small, muddy field, with people working hard to plant small saplings.

I recently took part in some voluntary tree planting, which I undertook as part of an initiative the Westmorland and Furness Council are running.

I was 1 of around 20 volunteers on the day and we planted around 750 trees in Fletcher Park in Kendal.

The area will become a micro woodland. This is a tiny woodland occupying an area of approx. 200 square metres. Woodlands, even tiny ones, can support huge numbers of insects, including those that pollinate our food crops and fruit trees.  The unique characteristics of micro woodlands support as much wildlife as a much bigger area that is managed conventionally.

Marjolein smiling into the camera in front of the new trees planted.

“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.”

Elvis Presley


Running my own ethical communications business in the sports and sustainability industries means I get to choose what it stands for. The memberships and pledges below demonstrate my commitment to all that matters in my business.

Institute of Translation & Interpreting logo for Associate membership

I am a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

I was the ITI award winner in 2023 in the category of Continuing Professional Development, specifically relating to my efforts in the field of sustainability.

Certified Carbon Literate logo

The Environment
I have completed Carbon Literacy training to give myself a vital awareness of emissions, their impact and what I can do to mitigate the climate crisis.

the ethical move logo

I have made a pledge to The Ethical Move. I want to ensure that society is built on fair and ethical communications that don’t come at the environment’s cost.

Institute of Translation & Interpreting CPD logo for 150 hours for 2022/23

Continuing Professional Development Completing far beyond the standard 30 hours of CPD required by the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) each year.

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