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When you’re speaking to a new target audience, it’s essential you connect straight away. Clear communication in sports lies at the heart of all customer relationships, especially in the sports industry, so I ensure your personality and values shine through.
I use unambiguous, professional and natural language to translate your message and engage with your audience, while bearing in mind any cultural considerations.  

Multilingual sports communication services: articles, brochures, websites, company presentations, business plans, magazines, videos/subtitles, newsletters, e-learning content, books/literature, SEO translation services & keyword research & localisation and content optimisation.

Editing & Proofreading

Mistakes are common. You can read through a text 10 times and still not spot the most obvious omissions or punctuation errors. That’s because your eyes read what they want to see. This can be dangerous for your reputation, both personal and professional.
I offer proofreading and editing services, brand guideline creation and tone of voice guides specifically for businesses working in the sports sector.

Sports communication services: multilingual press releases, newsletters, web copy, social media content, blog posts, advertising copy, product descriptions, leaflets, seminar/webinar materials, books/literature.

Multilingual Project Management for Sports Communications

Multiple projects, languages and deadlines? Let me help!

Multilingual project management for sports communications ensures seamless and effective coordination across diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes.

Multilingual services for sports include translation and localisation, proofreading, copywriting and cross-cultural communication strategies.

With my support, your sports communications will reach and resonate with global audiences, ensuring clarity, engagement, and success across borders.

I work with a trusted pool of translators, writers and proofreaders offering multiple language combinations so you can leverage global sports communication, while working with just one translation provider.


Need help nailing your tone of voice, writing new web copy, blog posts or social media content for the sports sector? I write about a variety of sports subjects including swimming (open water & indoor), running, cycling, horse riding, hiking, paddleboarding.

I also offer SEO copywriting services, including keyword research, SEO blog posts and SEO category descriptions.

Multilingual sports communication services: web copy, blog posts, ghost writing, email newsletters, white papers, impact reports, category descriptions, etc.

Closed Captions

Video content in the sports sector should be accessible to all, whether you’re deaf or hard of hearing, or viewing content in a quiet space. I specialise in creating subtitles and closed captions for sports commentaries, outdoor documentaries, sports communication, and other sports-related videos for websites and social media.

Multilingual sports communication services: English subtitle creation, English subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people, subtitle quality control, English subtitle template creation (so that subtitles can be translated into additional languages).

Language Consultancy for Sports Communications

Need help entering a new market with your ethical sports product or service? I offer multilingual cultural briefings to get you up to speed. With more than 15 years of experience trading internationally, I’ll smooth out your first forays into new territory and ensure you connect with like-minded individuals and sports organisations.

Sports communication services: conference/interview preparation, pitch proofreading, up-to-date industry insights. These services are designed to enhance your communication strategies and position your brand effectively in the global sports market.

Carbon Literacy Training for the Sports Sector

The new Carbon Literacy Sports Kit provides bespoke training to raise awareness of greenhouse gas emissions and their role in climate change and, importantly, what we can do about it in the sports industry.

I also offer corporate sustainability talks and workshops on demand. These are interactive, fun and thought-provoking and are designed to inspire action.

Sports communication: Participants will undertake a day of learning accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. Corporate sustainability talks and workshops.


“…the pitch preparation, proofreading of pitch materials and insightful questions helped us realign our business. And honestly so much in general – with being more assertive in how we project ourselves.”

Ellie West, Director @ Summit Fever Media

Working with Marjolein was very efficient & professional. She made sure she understood our requirements and tone of voice & was greatly working towards our deadline, delivering 1 week in advance. Whenever she was not sure about something, she involved our team & kept us well in the loop where she stood.
It was great working with her!”

Luisa Gerstner, Chief of Staff @ Oviva AG

Let’s create something inspirational together.

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